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MCU 5320 Hardware Bug

We have a Cisco 5320 MCU.  Recently after upgrading to version 4.5, we had an issue with the MCU performing an unexpected restart.  This problem began to reoccur.  After opening a TAC case, it was noted that this was related to a hardware bug CSCuc98311.  We received an RMA, and after about 2 weeks the problem started happening again.  Another TAC case was opened, it was referenced as the same issue.  This MCU was behaving the same.  Unexpected restarts.  We downgraded to 4.3, the original software we were on, and the problem still occurred. Below is the error fault reference in the log.  We will be receiving our 3rd MCU today.  I am very skeptical about this issue, and the stability of the MCU.  This has caused major interruptinos with multi-point video meetings.  Has anyone else experienced this problem or seen this before?

(2,3) hv_panic: got processor error: PC 0x3_03a0, ICS/PL 0

(2,3) L1_I_ERROR:            0_0000_0000

(2,3) MEM_ERROR_CBOX_ADDR:   0x0058_272d

(2,3) MEM_ERROR_CBOX_STATUS: 0x0001_0083

(2,3) MEM_ERROR_MBOX_ADDR:   0_0000_0000

(2,3) MEM_ERROR_MBOX_STATUS: 0_0000_0000

(2,3) XDN_DEMUX_ERROR:       0_0000_0000

(2,3) DIAG_TRACE_CTL:        0_0000_0000

(2,3) mshim/0:

This is tracked under a known bug CSCuc98311


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