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MCU conf. fail


I have some problem with a MCU 5300, if codecs (SX20) dial up to some conference video is bad, sometimes is frozen or gets pixeled but if i place a call between SX20s without MCU, video calls are good, how can i solve this problem?

Thanks for your help.


Re: MCU conf. fail

Hi Juan,

It seems to be result of packet loss. When the SX20 is connected to the MCU, do you see any packet loss in the statistics?

If you find that it is really a packet loss issue, I suggest you to do the following:

Are MCU and SX20 in the same network? If yes, check if the ethernet speed of the MCU is 100/1000 Full. Also, check if there is some kind of problem in your switch, maybe error on the interfaces or bad QoS configuration or something else that may cause packet loss.

If MCU and SX20 are not in the same network/location, I think it may be a QoS problem, so I suggest you to check the QoS configuration on the MCU to see if it matches the QoS configuration applied to the network devices in the whole path of the network. You will probably need assistance of the network team for that. To isolate the problem, you can try to put SX20 in the same network where MCU is, so you can validate whether it is really a QoS issue or not.

I hope this help.

Paulo Souza

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