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MCU SIP Registrar



I have a CUCM 9.1, MCU, CUP,& sip ip phones

I want to understand what is SIP registrar in MCU, I have  read the guide but it is not clear for me.Anybody can give a short brief how it will be useful with my devices.


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The SIP registrar is used to

The SIP registrar is used to allow the MCU to make and receive calls using SIP. In traditional video the MCU would register to the VCS Control. The MCU is really just a destination for multiparty calls. With additional video applications/appliances the MCU can be a dial out participant.

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Dears, To allow conference



To allow conference participants with SIP endpoints to connect to the MCU by dialing a directory number rather than an IP address, you must configure a SIP registrar. the MCU's interact with the SIP registrar and with SIP endpoints. The MCU can register up to 50 URIs with the SIP Registrar. This limit includes all conference Numeric IDs and the MCU's own URI

In my device who will be SIP registrar ??? and what will sip registrar domain, username and password,allow numeric ID registration for conferences


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MCU needs registering itself

MCU needs registering itself to CUCM or VCS-C. Each MCU's  port behaves either as a sip B2BUA or as a H.323 MCU port. Raising funds for, please contact me for details.

It is always handy if you

It is always handy if you would mention what kind of MCU you are talking about, like if its a Cisco/Tandberg/Codian style of MCU or something else and anyhow which type.


Also which documentation do you refer to? the exact document and place where you found

it is also helpful to get to the point what you saw and if thats imporant for your kind of deployment.


You just mentioned "ip phones". Are they Video capable or what are your video endpoints.

If you think of telephone conferences, an MCU might be overkill here and there are better

ways to handle phone only conferences.



If you refer to a Cisco/Tandberg/Codian style of MCU,

if I recall it right the 9.1 version does not use registrations towards CUCM, it simply uses a

SIP trunk:


The MCU can be used in different environments, it can use sip trunks, then more or

less the other side of the trunk defines on what is send over to the MCU (like in the CUCM case)

or the MCU can register its addresses to a SIP registrar (for example on the VCS or any other SIP


In short it defines on how the call control knows what to send to the MCU.





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New Member

Dear Martin,It is a cisco

Dear Martin,

It is a cisco MCU

I have following cisco tele presence deployment guide.

Sx20 endpoint and jabber softphones

you have forwarded me the link where it shows me that the MCU is registering to CUCM

The MCU can be used in different environments, it can use sip trunks, then more or less the other side of the trunk defines on what is send over to the MCU,

In the above link it is also registered as conference bridge and a rendezvous point also,

so just want to know the trunk is configured between CUCM and MCU and the route-pattern is configured, is it so it is configured for Meet-me rendezvous conferences



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