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MCU Upgrade


I have an question about the MCU Upgrade.

Some time ago, we buy a Codian/Tandberg MCU 4203 (Software Version 2.4) and now we want to upgrade the old MCU with the current Cisco MCU Software.

Is this possible?

What happend with the licence, which are installed in the moment (Video Firewall, 4 cif, Encryption, secure management, mcu 4203 activation)

and what happend with the configuration?

greetings Janos

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Re: MCU Upgrade

Hi Janos

You can upgrade to latest software 4.3(2.18).

Upgrade MCU dont need new release key.

You option is still with new software. Nothing will happen with your license and configuration.

What is the purpose of upgrade?

br Oleksandr

br Oleksandr
Cisco Employee

Re: MCU Upgrade

Hi Janos,

In addition, you can take backup of configuration.

Login to MCU and Naviagate to Settings>Upgrade.

Click to backup, this will save configuartion.xml to your pc.


Re: MCU Upgrade

Oleksandr: I would more ask, what is the reason on not having upgraded before! :-)

Janos: check the release notes and the documentation these are quite handy and give you additional information

(like if you use cdr's you would also need to back up these).

I think the easiest is to enable the FTP server and download all the files you find there.

To answer your questions:

Yes, it shall not be a problem to upgrade it.

The licenses should survive, though I would note down the option keys.

There is no release key needed for the new version.

The configuration shall still be ok, but I would go through all the parameters to look if everything

is still ok and check on the new parameters.

I would also do some testing and search for feedback by your users to see if the new features / changes

make them happy or bring in complications.

Like Sagar said, do not forget to make a backup. You would need that if you want to go back to the old version.

A backup should be done anyhow on a reoccurring base :-)


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MCU Upgrade

You may upgrade MCU to any software version without release key and worry about current option key on MCU.

However I recommend upgrading software in multiple phases not directly upgrade MCU from 2.4 to 4.3.

For example …,

  1. Take system configuration backup (access MCU by using ftp and download configuration file),
  2. Upgrade MCU to 3. version 3.1(2.13) (or 4.1 release version…,
  3. Upgrade MCU to 4.3(2.30) (current latest maintenance release version),
  4. Check basic configuration (ip address, dns, option configuration, etc.)
  5. Take system configuration backup (this is available from WebGUI instead of using FTP).

Please note that there are number of new features has introduced since 2.4 releases therefore many WebGUI menu has updated as well as audio/video prompt has updated.

You should make several test calls after software upgrade and adjust MCU configuration best fit to your operation style.

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