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MCU video port resources and permanent conferences

When a meeting is scheduled from TMS on a MCU 5300 series then the video ports in use reflects the number of active participants in that conference.

When instead you create a conference directly on the MCU5300 it seems to use one extra video port.

Is this a bug or normal behaviour?

MCU v4.5 and also observer in v4.4.

rgds, Geert.

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In my experience it should be

In my experience it should be the same, and only use what it should, but it's been awhile since we used permanent conferences directly on the MCU.  Can you tell us a bit more about how your MCU is configured and the conferences you're trying to create, even screenshots might help.

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Hi,The MCU5320 is configured


The MCU5320 is configured for SIP only and registers to VCS-C.

New conferences are created on TMS (via TMSXE).

I monitored on a MC5310 running v4.4 and there the number of participants correctly reflects the number of video ports in use, eg 3 participants uses 3 video ports.

I monitored on the new 5320 with v4.5 and there I see always 1 extra port in use when a conference is started, eg 3 participants shows 4 video ports in use.

We have a MCU5310 with a 4 SD ports license configured for HD. So normally 2 video ports can be used. I start the conference with 1 participant when the 2nd participant is added the it enters a audio port and the MCU status windows tells me no video ports are available anymore.

I currently have no access to the MCU so I cannot provide screen shots.


rgds, Geert.

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