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Mondopad on a Cisco platform

Has anyone been able to register and use a Mondopad on their Cisco VCS platform?  We have a freebie that would like to be used internally but I have had no luck.  We currently have this as our backbone

VCS Control 7.0.3

VCS Expressway 7.0.3

MCU 4.4

TMS 13.1.2

No problems with Cisco or Polycom devices and we also use Jabber Video I just do not want to put too much effort in this if it will not work.

Cisco Employee

Mondopad on a Cisco platform

HI Dave.  If the Mondopad uses standard SIP, or H323, *should* be able to work here.  I don't know enough about the device to say either way, guess will do some reading.  If the configuration is set and its trying to register to VCS, Network log debug would help if its making it to VCS or not. 



Re: Mondopad on a Cisco platform

Guess this might be more a question for the vendor of the monopod to ask.

Like Patrick also said, if it supports standard based sip or h323 and video and audio codecs

it could work.

What did you try to configure how and how did it fail?

When I just looked at the datasheet it looks its a windows 7 device and it did not mention

any h323 or sip. Maybe you could simply run JabberVideo on it ;-)

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Please remember to rate helpful responses and identify

New Member

Re: Mondopad on a Cisco platform

We installed Jabber Video today and it works fine via the Win7 PC.  I talked with their CS a few months back when this first came up and the web site had more info than the call gave me   It was one of those talk with the other vendor it must be an issue on their side.

New Member

Re: Mondopad on a Cisco platform

Hello Dave,

I have a bunch of these here that I have registered to our VCS.

The Mondopad Shell that runs has a built in SIP client. Wording for it's configuration is a bit different to what I would expect and some features are still "in the air" however I managed to get them to work on our VC network using the VCS's.

Some simple things in the clients configuration to note.

Display Name = alias

Address = alias@domain


Port = 5061

Username = user credential to connect to VCS - can't be blank - I have entries in the local database on the VCS for this

Password = for above - can't be blank


Proxy Port = 5061

SIP Transport = TCP

SIP Security = TLS

Encyption = None

On the VCS side I found it was best to create a Subzone for these Mondopads as I found they had issues calling Jabber unless I did this. Within the Subzone for the Mondopads I have to select Media Encryption Mode to "Best Effort" for calls to be successful.

I am yet to get these devices to be managed by TMS or to recieve a phone book from TMS.

I am happy to help or listen to any other ideas you guys have for these.

I have also written a document and sent it to Infocus in regards to configuration for these on the Cisco VCS.

Thanks, Craig

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Mondopad on a Cisco platform

Thanks for the info.  I will send over a PM and maybe we can work on getting this setup.  Do these devices show up on TMS?  If nothing else that would help keep an eye on things.

New Member

Craig,      I have a customer


      I have a customer that has a MondoPad registered to VCS, they have an issue with the MondoPad dropping video on the near end after 10 to 15 minutes but the video to the remote side stays and audio works both ways.  Just wondering if you have seen any issues resembling this behavior.  Customer is running 8.2 on VCS


Thank you


Marco Vranish

New Member

Hello Craig,

Hello Craig,

Where I work -- we just got two Mondopads.  We've tried registering them to CUCM and/or our VCS with no success. 

Is there any documentation on registering these items easily?

Thanks!  A quick WebEx with you would be a good thing -- if you have time?  Thanks, Craig.

New Member

We will be moving the one

We will be moving the one site over to the correct domain soon and I may have to revisit the Mondopad setup.  Any more experiences with these endpoints?  Pros or cons other than the price point?


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