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Mounting MSE8000 in a rack

I have an MSE8000 in our server room.

And now someone wants to mount it in the bottom of one of our racks.  But there did not seem to be any ears that came with the box to mount it.

I also did not see anything in the parts list and nothing in the price list.

Any suggestions of where to get a shelf or mounting ears for a two post or four port rack for the MSE8000?


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Mounting MSE8000 in a rack

Hi Richard,

Typically MSE 8000 is not mounted in the rack as it is a heavy chassis based device.

You would have to place it on the bottom of the rack and you would have to remove the plinths that comes attached with it.

You have to place it on level surface so that it doesnt moves.



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Mounting MSE8000 in a rack

The MSE 8000 chassis should ship with a set of rack mounting backets. If this is a new MSE8000 that has shipped from Cisco without a set then I would raise a case with the TAC team. Otherwise it may be possible to purchace the ears as part of an 'accessory kit', although this may come with some extras you don't need (such as power cables).

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Mounting MSE8000 in a rack

We have ours in a rack enclosure, and like Saurabh mentions, ours is mounted in the most bottom portion of the rack.

Mounting MSE8000 in a rack

I think all MSE8000 installations I have seen were

* rackmounted (besides some lab stuff)

* on the bottom of the rack

Due to the weight nobody ever seem to have dared to put it higher up ;-)

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Mounting MSE8000 in a rack

Rack mounting brackets for MSE8000 should ship to partner/customer as mounted condition (not separate in accessary kits box…) if MSE8000 purchased from Cisco ordering tool.

As brackets are a part of MSE8000 master PID, CTI-8000-MSECH-K9, and seem there is no separate PID/FUR to order itself separately, I would recommend…,

1) If this is new order (via Cisco ordering process), contact Cisco CS (customer service) team and request for brackets arrangement (if within HW warranty period).


2) Contact your Cisco sales representative to discuss it.

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Re: Mounting MSE8000 in a rack

MSE8000 should install bottom or lower level of the rack, however it "also" should rack mount with ears to secure the mount.

Regardless of installation method, if your MSE8000 doesn’t have rack mount ears, I strongly recommend to discuss it with either Cisco Customer Service or your sales representative.

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