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Moving TMS 13.2 SQL server to external Database

Hello, and thanks for any help ahead of time.

We would like to move the database on the TMS to an external managed SQL server. The TMS would continue to remain on the same server it is now.

Are there any documents outlining how to do this, the order, etc?

Is it as simple as changing the connection settings in TMS tools on the TMS server itself outside of the Web interface?

I've looked around but could not find any specific guidance on how to do this.

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Moving TMS 13.2 SQL server to external Database

Hello Douglas -

It's pretty simple actually, I'll try to outline the steps as best as I can.

You'll need to know the current TMS database credentials.

  1. Stop all the TMS services, and IIS service.
  2. Take a backup of the TMS database (tmsng), and migrate it to the new SQL server.  Configuring any SQL settings etc for the user account that TMS will use to connect to the database.
  3. Use TMS Tools, installed alongside TMS on the server, and change the SQL settings to point to the new location.
  4. Start all TMS services, including IIS, or restart server.

That is very outlined, but I'll try to be more specific if I can, or find a document online, but I don't remember seeing on though.

Here are a few discussions in the forums that I found via search:

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Moving TMS 13.2 SQL server to external Database

Thanks Patrick. That sounds like what I figured. Seems like it's more involved if you are moving the TMS software itself to another system (I'll be doing that, but that's another project).

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