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MSE 8510 Automatic Layout Selection

I know when using TMS and the MSE 8510, a layout within a specific group can be automatically selected based on the amount of participants in the conference.  I was wondering if the MSE 8510 or even TMS could automatically adjust the layout based on the number of participants that are leaving/joining the conference.  Say I have 8 participants scheduled for a conference, 6 of them connect immediatly, but the remaining 2 don't connect until 10 minutes for whatever reason, the MCU would automatically start on the 6 participant layout and then switch to the next largest layout option (8) when those remaining 2 connect.  If some more participants join in, via ad hoc that the MCU would go to the next largest layout in the group, but then later half of them leave and it is back to 6, so it then changes to the 6 participant layout.  That way we wouldn't have to worry about having alot of empty black space on the screen for no reason, and someone doesn't have to keep changing it as the number of participants join/leave.

Is this possible, or could it be in the future?

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