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Multipoint scheduled call from TMS failed to call C60

We are observing that scheduled conference call from TMS connects fine but fails to call one of the participant which is C60 codec. The TMS Trap logs for this particular endpoint shows "Scheduling Error" with details as call failed. It shows that MCU tried connecting to endpoint. If I see call log it shows incoming call coming to C60 but lasted for 13 secs and got failed with Cause Code as 16 (which I think means normal call clearing). Please find the details of call log below:

7/10/2013 8:34:20 AMh323:01016803824000:00:13IncomingH.323AES1281920 kbps16273295

Please help me in finding the possible cause of this. We tried calling back to the conference number and got connected. Issue happens when TMS tries to dial the call. TMS is located in US and MCU used for the conference was also in US. The c60 which was unable to join is in India. Rest all the endpoints located in India were able to join the conference without any issue.

Thanks in advance!




Multipoint scheduled call from TMS failed to call C60

Hi Gaurav,

I have seen this issue before, it looks like it was packet loss.

Can you reproduce this issueor it was just once?

What is the version of TMS and MCU?

Best Regards,

Artem Borodai

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Multipoint scheduled call from TMS failed to call C60

Hi Artem,

Thanks for the response. The TMS version is 13.2.1 and for MCU I'll check and confirm as I don't have access to the MCU but its MSE 8510. Is there any way we can find in logs that this issue occured cz of packet loss? I have seen this issue happening multiple times with different endpoints.

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Hello Gaurav PathakAs I lam

Hello Gaurav Pathak

As I lam looking for a soluıtion to my problem I faced to your discussion and supposed that you deploy tms to multiconferneces.

if you give me any advices I will be so glad.

We plan to switch the ctsmnager to tms for scheduling.

So I installed TMSXE and created users in exchange.

However the point I couldnt find is;

in cstmanager there is a Bridge and Servers tab in where  Multipoint Call-In Number Start and Multipoint Call-In Number End cofiguration can be configured for multidevices conferences.

Within TMS entegrated scenario where can I set the start and end numbers (if is necessary)?

And lastly, is there any configuration between tms and cucm must be done?


thank you so much.

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