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Multiway - Add audio participants from

I've found today that when I have an endpoint running TC6.3 in a multiway call, if they receive an audio call, the menu with 'Accept and Merge" appears on the screen, however, they always fail, displaying the message "Merging calls Failed".  After this message, there is still the soft key option for Merge, which then joins the calls successfully.

to be clear, when the the SX20 with TC6.3 recieves the first call, and then the 2nd call, choosing the "Accept and Merge" works, but the next inbound audio call to the SX20 cannot be merged using "Accept and Merge".  Inbound video calls Merge fine using "Accept and Merge".

SX20: TC6.3

3241 ISDN Gateway:    2.2(1.92)P  

vcs-c - X7.2.2

Before sending this, I downgraded my SX20 to TC6.2.1 and tested.  Same result. 

Have there been any bugs reported around this? 

Cisco Employee

Multiway - Add audio participants from

HI Darren.  Whats the protocol on the inbound audio to the SX20? I'm assuming coming from your gateway? Any interworking invovled?



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Multiway - Add audio participants from

Patrick, I just ran the test again, H323 end to end and I got the same result.

I then downgraded my ISDN gateway to 2.0(1.51)P and repeated the test using H.323 only - still no joy.

SX20 on 6.3 and 6.2.1.


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Multiway - Add audio participants from

I also just disabled encryption on the SX20, but that made no difference.

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I have opened a ticket with

I have opened a ticket with Cisco on this matter.  I'm currently running TC7.0.3, and the problem still happens.

VIP Purple

Darren -Does your SX20 have a

Darren -

Does your SX20 have a multisite option key, or are you using a MCU or the like to bring everyone together?

If you're using the SX20 with the multisite option key, can you log into the codec and check the system status, can be done through the codec's web interface.

What does it show you for Status > SystemUnit > Software

  • MaxAudioCalls
  • MaxVideoCalls

Patrick, this is not about

Patrick, this is not about multisite (the endpoint based multipaty feature) but about multiway (infrastructure based).

This does not require an option key, but a VCS, MCU, (Conductor), specific
 configuration and endpoints which support it actice (be able to join participants to such a conference) or to passive (to be joined).


The Muliway deployment guide lists which devices are listed as supported:


But the ISDN GW is not listed.

The remote site has to support REFER (SIP) or routeToMC (H.323)


I also just tried it with sip and h323 and the ISDN GW and in both cases it failed for me

SIP returned a "SIP/2.0 405 Method Not Allowed" by the ISDN GW.


I would recomend to file a feature request or find a phone gateway

supporting the required method.


Please remember to rate helpful responses and identify

VIP Purple

Martin -Oops, I totally mis

Martin -

Oops, I totally didn't read the post right, I sometimes get them (multisite and multiway) confused when I'm reading since they both begin with "multi".  Thanks.

Disregard my previous post.  blush

New Member

Martin, thanks for your

Martin, thanks for your detailed response.


I have no problems adding audio or ISDN calls to multiway meetings when MXP endpoints are doing the merging, but the SX and C-series codecs (and likely the EX, but have not tested) cannot.

since it works for the MXP, doesn't that mean that the ISDN gateway is a supported device, even if it is not listed?



Like I said, the required SIP

Like I said, the required SIP part for Multiway is definetly not supported on the ISDN GW. I tried it with h323 and a ex90 system  as well which failed on me as well. As said, the isdn gw is not listed as a compatible device.


Did not had time to check with the MXP system, but did you check if

the audio call is really ecalated to the MCU or if it sticks on the MXP

endpoint as a local Multisite call?

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New Member

martin, yes, the MXP is able

martin, yes, the MXP is able to accept an audio call, and then be joined into a multiway meeting on my MCU, and with the SX20, if I select "Accept and Hold current" and then choose merge, the audio call is tranferred to the multiway meeting.  It's only when I choose "Accept and Merge" that it fails.

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