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Multiway call issue

Hi Folks

We are facing the problem with the multiway call.When the person initiates the multiway call this call gets scheduled on the MCU.The problem that we are facing is that when the person who initiates the call when he disconnects the call the other two endpoints doesnot gets disconnected.We need to manually disconnect the endpoints.If we will not disconnect the other endpoints they remain in the MCU conference.The versions are as below :-

VCS - X7.2.2

MCU 8510 - 4.4(3.54)

Endpoints - TC 6.2





i would try tweaking the

i would try tweaking the setting under the adhoc conference template on the MCU:

When only guests remain: Disconnect all participants.

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Please rate useful posts.

So you are using multiway

So you are using multiway just with the VCS, not with the conductor right?

What do you mean by "his call gets scheduled on the MCU" TMS scheduling into a new conference id?


I do not see that there is a automated function ot get rid of them, besides

tell remote them that they have to hang up, ...

Sure thats a problem if endpoints are on auto answer, you invite some to a multiway

confernece and you do not get rid of them.


A workaround could be to enable the dtmf on screen menu on the MCU, so your users

can disconnect it if they do not have access to the MCU-Webinterface.


I do not see that the disconnect guests option would help as on a multiway call

there is no differientiation in between admin and guests.



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