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Multiway question

We beta tested the old version of Multiway quite some time ago now, with the TANDBERG GK and MPS800, and if my memory serves me right, the calls were automatically transferred to the MP without any manual intervention.

We are now looking at implementing Multiway using our VCS-C's and 4520 MCU, however, so far, all the documentation I can find, refers to the "new" Multiway as not being fully automated as such, and we will actually have to press "Join" for the call to be moved to the MCU.

Is this correct? If so, any hope of getting this fully automated and transparent to the user?

Thanks/cheers jens

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Multiway question

I never used the old Multiway.... but I like the way the current Multiway works...

I think its "phone-like" with transfer / consultation...

If I'm in a point to point call and I call a 2nd person.... I can swap between the 1st and 2nd call or Join them in a confernce

We use it mostly with MOVI, but will soon setup some EX60 with Multiway

In our experience we needed to dedicate a blade in our MSE8000 to just Multiway... we found that when conferences Booked in TMS and Multiway share the same MCU, it can cause some conflict.

The two minor issues that we have are:

- I would like to see "Auto Layout" function rather than a default family for the CP....our default layout family is 5+1 and when you start a Multiway conference with just 3 people it looks kinda wierd... we use the camera controls to change the layout

- If the call ends and one particiant does not disco... it stays connected until dropped

We may be able to change our settings to fix these, we just have not dug in to it

Hope that helps

Multiway question

Thanks Steven,

I was hoping we would be able to fully automate the process, but I guess this won't happen then which is a bit of a bummer.

The "manual transfer" method is fine for Movi, but presents a problem for our room systems where having this happening without any need for someone in the room having to press buttons would be far preferable due to the large number of different users we have, making it impractical to train/teach/show all what and how to do things.

More than 90% of all our connections are scheduled through TMS and remotely controlled and monitored trough both TMS and web GUI from two central locations.

Every now and then there is a need to add a third party to an existing call on the fly, which is fine if one of the systems already connected, has an onboard MCU, but means we have to tear the call down and manually move it to the MCU if an onboard MCU is not available. Hence having this happening automatically through Multiway would be perfect.

Scheduling all of the connections on the MCU "just in case", is not an option either due to the sheer number of conferences happening at the same time during the teaching periods (semesters).

cheers jens

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