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Multiway with VCS, CUCM, TP Server, Conductor and iX/Active Control issue

I've got the following setup working so far:

  • Video endpoints registered to VCS
  • Multiway to VCS using Conductor/TP Server
  • VCS registered endpoints can merge CUCM registered voice endpoints into a Multiway conference

My issue is with Active control/iX passthrough.  If I have it enabled, calls from VoIP phones into a Multiway alias fail (connects then disconnects straight away).  If it's disabled, then I can't use Active Control on my VCS registered endpoints, although the CUCM voice phones join the conference OK.

I did manage to get it working if I had "media termination point required" enabled on my SIP trunk from CUCM to VCS, but for various other reasons this isn't really an option going forward.

I should be clear that I don't actually need Active Control/iX to work on CUCM - I just don't want the call to fail if it's enabled on the conference.

Any ideas?

CUCM 8.6.2
VCS 7.2
Conductor X2.3
TP Server 4.0

Cisco Employee

Hi Nick,It looks like you are

Hi Nick,

It looks like you are in tough spot - turning off passthrough would break Active Control on calls that add CUCM side endpoints.

I would advise upgrading CUCM to 9.1.2 to fully implement Active Control as it is 8.6.2 that creates this issue.  If this is not possible, you may need to disable Active Control throughout to ensure you do not get failed conferences.

See the following guide if you have not already for implementation and prerequisites:

 If an ActiveControl enabled call traverses a Cisco Unified CM trunk with a Cisco Unified CM version lower
than 9.1.2, the call may fail. ActiveControl should not be enabled on older Cisco Unified CM trunks (Cisco
Unified CM 8.x or earlier).

- Jonathan

Thanks Jonathan - while

Thanks Jonathan - while upgrading to CUCM 10 will happen eventually, it's not in the pipeline anytime soon (we are only using CUCM for voice and Active Control isn't exactly enough of an incentive to upgrade just yet).

Is there no way to block the iX protocol on the SIP trunk, maybe through the SIP trunk and/or security profile while leaving it working to the VCS?

Given that it works if I set MTP required (which will be limiting the SDP to advertise G.711 only) there's no way I can modify the SDP or capabilities of the trunk so it doesn't attempt to use iX to CUCM?

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