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Mutipoint Conferencing between CTS series and Standard VC systems

Hi all,

I had been working for long time with Polycom systems. I just started to work with Cisco. Now we are competing with Polycom in a customer. The customer has two CTS 3010s and some standard videoconferencing systems. And they want to buy new HD systems, Immersive Telepresence Systems and an MCU.

First I hoped it make us more advantageous, but I have seen now Polycom is more advantageous. Because the customer wants to make multipoint conference between CTSes, new HD systems and SD systems. In this case, Polycom can provide that by giving an RMX. But as far as I understood we need to offer MSE8000 with several MSE8710 blades. And we would be much more expensive than Polycom. So we are thinking to give a Codian (or new MCU5300 series) for SD and HD systems and an MSE7010 TPS for Immersive Systems. And in case of that they need to make a conference between all systems, they can cascade two MCUs. What do you think? Is it a good solution? Or is there a different solution which make us win the project?

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Mutipoint Conferencing between CTS series and Standard VC system

Hi Tufan,

Not sure on cost side but yes MCU53xx with TP Server (7010) will be a good fit for this requirement compared to MSE8000, the only thing to watch out how many SD and HD port license they need b'coz that can really increase or decrease the whole pricing scenario in this situation, better to work with your Cisco SE or AM on this to get some more discount to win this deal



Mutipoint Conferencing between CTS series and Standard VC system

One thing to note when cascading Immersive TP capable MCUs with regular MCUs is that generally speaking, you will only get one channel of video passing between the MCUs, meaning that 3 screen Telepresence units will only recieve a single screen of video from the regular MCU.  This can cause some funny behaviour in relation to active speaker switching (although it's still quite usable).

Re: Mutipoint Conferencing between CTS series and Standard VC sy

We're cascading 8710 (same software as 7010) bridges but the content when sent from a CTS on one 8710 is not being displayed on the endpoints (CTS or standard) on the other 8710.  The originating 8710 says a content channel is open and shows the jpeg of what is being sent and the receive 8710 shows a content channel too but the jpeg is empty and the endpoints get a black screen for content although they think they are receiving a content channel.  Any ideas?  The release notes/admin guide for the 8710 don't cover cascading and content.

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