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MX200 G2 Remove Self-view When Using Far Side Camera Control

I have a new MX200 G2 which is working great.  The one feature I need to remove is the self-view while the far side is moving the MX200's camera.  We use this for telepsych visits and it's very distracting for the patient sitting in the room with the MX200 see how the physician on the other end of the call is moving their camera.  Here are a few settings I changed with no luck.  The self-view is gone, but when the camera moves or zooms, the self-view appears for a short time.



"camCtrlPip CallSetup" = duration 1 second and mode off.

"selfview Default" = fullscreen = off, mode = on, on monitor role = first, PIPPositon = lowerleft 

This seems to remove the self-view for everything other than camera movement during a call.  What have I missed??  I didn't see any settings in the experimental mode either.

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Any thoughts on this?

Any thoughts on this?

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I looked through the admin

I looked through the admin guide and even on some of our endpoints, don't think what you're looking for is possible.

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OK.  I might run this through

OK.  I might run this through TAC and see if there is another way to do this.

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