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Need some help with a TMS database issue

We have a new TMS 14.4 install we were preparing to migrate to (2 VMware servers running MS Win 2008R2 (IIS and SWL 2008)

For a variety of reasons we are wanting to start ove and kill the existing tmsng database?

I know that during the install process it asks if you want to use the database that it finds... if yes it will update it

If you answer NO, the install guide says you must manuall remove the database

Can someone give me some help on how to manually remove all the databases, I do have admin rights to the IIS and SQL servers


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If I understand correct, you

If I understand correct, you want to basically delete your old SQL database.  Why wouldn't you want to use your current database and simply upgrade it?  If you decided to start over, you'll have to reconfigure TMS and recreate any conferences you had on the old instance.

Here is a technet article that covers how to delete an SQL database, you can choose other SQL server versions at the top under "Other Version".

I've never done it before, but if you have full control over the TMS database itself, that might be enough.  Otherwise if it's not, you might have to contact whoever is an admin over your SQL instance where the database is held.

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Is your SQL database hosted

Is your SQL database hosted locally, or on a different server?

Either wasy, as Patrick has indicated, deleting the SQL database using the correct SQL database tools is quite easy.

But if you don't want to do this, or can't for some reason, and if your database is housed on the same box as TMS, another option, give that you're just running it as a Virtual Machine, would be to build a new Virtual server and to trash the one you have (or restore to a snapshot prior to the TMS install if you have one?).

That way, when you install TMS, there will be no existing database to worry about.

Please remember to rate resonses and to mark your question as answered if appropriate.

Please remember to rate responses and to mark your question as answered if appropriate.

First of all, if you have IT

First of all, if you have IT resources inhouse (or even external) consider asking them.

Also having a backup of the old db would be my recomandation, also check first if there

is data inside which you might want to export as long as the old tms is up and running.


There are a lot of different permissions settings which could grant you access to everything, but

stop you from dropping / deleting the old db.


You can drop a database in different ways, gui, command line,...


This is more a Microsoft SQL than a TMS question.

For more info I would recomend to check the Microsoft sites (and forums) or google.


Like this article here: "Deleting a Database"

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