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No access to EX90 after Factory reset

Hi all,

I wonder if anyone here has a solution to the following problem.

Customer reports that he has performed a fectory reset on his EX90. After the reset he is unable to access it using the webgui (http & https) or SSH.

The feeling one gets is that the webserver and ssh server in the unit hasn´t started. We have tried using the hardware reset mode also with the powerbutton waltz but no difference, right now it is just a very expensice PC monitor

Any ideas on how to proceed?



No access to EX90 after Factory reset

But you say expensive computer monitor, so it sounds it booted up, because without

the OS being up, it would just be an expensive paperweight ;-)

So what does the touchscreen do/say?

As the factory default reset also resets the vlan and ip config, I would put it on

a network I have control over and which does not have any voice vlans or cdp or other

fancy thigns set up, restart it, and see what ip it gets.

At least when I can not check its status via the touch screen.

And then sure, the endpoint really does not properly come up check with the

special serial cable what the device says when it boots up.

Check on these things first, there are also many postings about generic troubleshooting,

also for the ex90 especially look for postings from Danny De Ridder.

Like if oyu have a serial cable and one of the latest software versions on it, there is some

emergency console and things like that.

But first check that you really have access to the right ip :-)

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Community Member

No access to EX90 after Factory reset

Customer gave me some initial bad info, he could still use the touchpanel and with that we did another reset and after that we could access it.

However, customer performed yet another reboot and the problem came back

Seems that there might be som sort of bug with the software TC6.1.2...

No access to EX90 after Factory reset

ask him to get to the status page on the touch screen and send you a screenshot via his

mobile phone, together with a remote session and a browser and ssh client and a ping

you might see more.

If not get somebody there with the special serial cable and do some debugging.

Would be nice to rule out PEBKAC or some network trouble first.

Maybe they have a dumb dhcp server or some slow spanning tree or what ever.

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Community Member

No access to EX90 after Factory reset

I had those thoughts initially also but since factory reset brings it back only to break after a second reboot it doesn´t seem to be networkrelated. It retains the same IP address all the time and it responds to ping.

But we will throw TC6.2 on it and see what happens


No access to EX90 after Factory reset

Hi Mattias,

As Martin mentioned that it could be that the device is not getting an ip via DHCP, Just in case you find trouble getting the console cable details,  i have pasted the links for the console cable with the easiest way to make one for yourself.       (easy)

on the screen do you get a wallpaper or it stays with a black screen.

making one serial cable would benefit you most and we can look deeper.


Ravi Kr.

Community Member

No access to EX90 after Factory reset


thanx for the links, I will have to make me one of those

However, the system is not anywhere near me so at this time I will have to stick with what I can get the client to do himself

Your comments have been appreciated though but I still have not heard if anyone else have seen this kind of issue.

All I have seen before is refusal to accept the admin password in the webgui after upgrading from TC5 to TC6 while still being able to access it through SSH.

So this issue with losing both SSH and web server access after a factory reset is new to me...

No access to EX90 after Factory reset

Like I said if you have a dummy dhcp server or some other dummy device and you have an address conflct

it could be caused by that. Also what kind of provisioning do you do, so there could be a TMS auto discovery

template or CUCM which is simply disabling the access.

So without knowing anything it can still be a network problem or even a wanted behavior :-)

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