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no audio being sent

i am using Cisco Jabber Video for TelePresence version 4.4 (build 14479) to connect to a Polycom system.

i am able to receive audio and video.

they are able to receive my video.

however, audio is not coming through.

the preferences panel of my jabber video shows my microphone is working properly.

i am on a macbook air, osx 10.7.3.

please advise.

many thanks,


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no audio being sent

Hi Joshua,

My name is Mubashshir Akhtar from Telepresence Support Team. As I can see that your Movi is not sending the audio, I would request you to check a couple of things :

-Check and make sure that the volume on the far end is not muted or set to 0. There have been times when the problem lies with the volume or sound muted. Also, request them to check if they are able to hear audio from other devices or most precisely to check if they are able to hear any sound on their system at all. It could be a problem with their audio output or amplifier.

-You can also check the Microphone input level on your MAC, make sure that the Microphone Input level is enough to be heard at the far end.

-Last but not the least, since you must be making a SIP call, please check and make sure that the following ports are open on your end as well as the far end :

For SIP:

*    SIP messages - Port 5060 - UDP/TCP

*    SIP messages - Port 5061 - TLS(TCP)

*    H.245 - Port Range 5555-5574 - TCP

*    Video - Port Range 2326-2485 - UDP

*    Audio - Port Range 2326-2485 - UDP

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Mubashshir Akhtar

Thanks Mubashshir Akhtar
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no audio being sent

thank you for your response.  the problem has been somewhat resolved, but remains somewhat present still.

currently, i have the jabber video software installed on both my mac pro and my macbook air.

my mac pro is plugged in to university internet, my macbook air uses wifi broadcast from my mac pro.

when i call from my air, everything works perfectly now (they had to turn the volume up on the polycom).

however, when i call from my mac pro, they receive neither my audio nor my video.

my settings suggest that they are both working fine, indeed, when calling via skype from that computer they are both functional.

please advise.....

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