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No Audio on an Video cal with External party

Hi all,


I have an issue with a Cisco/Tandberg Video conference.

When we establish a call with an external party also using Cisco Video equipment and we establish the call via the Codion 4510 MCU we don't have audio. Video is perfect, but audio is missing.

Looking at the stats it seems that we are not receiving an audio stream from the other end. When establishing a direct call, so from the internal unit to the external party, we do receive Audio.


Any idea where to look for?

Reactions are appreciated.




Cisco Employee

HiI am not sure what has


I am not sure what has already been done in the troubleshooting line so unless we can narrow it down even more it can be quite a few different causes to this. It is nice to know which exact endpoint models are being used and which software version the nodes are running and what protocol you are calling on? Are you calling on the same protocol to the MCU as you do direct? Are they registered to CUCM or VCS?

Then start at the basics, are the MCU conference muting the participants automatically? Are the far-end muted or vice versa? Is the MCU working with audio & video internally? Was it working before for external participants? What is the difference?

If this is not the problem then you should start looking into logs and maybe take a packet capture to see what is negotiated between the MCU and the endpoint. The logging options are many so it will help by knowing the software version and endpoint model.

If you need assistance with these logs it might be wise to open a TAC case if this is not a simple case.


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