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Not able to call another endpoint

Hi Experts

We have two endpoints one registered with our internal VCS control1 and another registered with the VCS control2  at other location.The VCS 2 is at another branch of our office.We had connected the VCS2 as a neighbour and we are able to see this VCS in the Zone of the VCS1.Created the search rule as well.

Now we are facing the issue of calling the VCS 2 endpoints registered to it.We call via ENUM number.The call is not getting connecting.

Could you please suggest the serach rule so that we can have the call between them via ENUM number as i believe that there is search rule problem that i facing.

Note : Both the VCS are on the same software version of X7.2.2 but are neighbour to each other.

PLease help on this




Re: Not able to call another endpoint

If you could share a bit more light on which call protocol you use, how the systems are registered, what is dialed and

what your search history and details say.

Do you really mean ENUM or do you refer to e164 which are different. If enum is used, is the dns zone,

search rule properly set up and are the dns entries itself are correct and the right dns servers set up on the vcs?

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