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Old videoconference gear

We have the following videoconference gear within our network.

Polycom, HDX8000,
Tandberg, Edge75MXP, F8.1 PAL 
Codian MCU 4203 3.0(1.5)
Tandberg Managment Suite 12.1

including multiple edge units.

It is all out of warranty. I would like to repurpose at least the HDX and MXP endpoints with Lync 2013.

Is this possible?

VIP Purple

Hi Patrick,All of the

Hi Patrick,

All of the products you have listed above have not reached their "Last day of support" date and can all still have their service contracts renewed and software upgraded to more current releases than you're running and continue to be used.

Can you please explain your question a bit more - are you:

1) looking at using the devices as is, and connecting your TelePresence environtment to your Lync environment?

You'll need to include a Lync Gateway VCS in to your environment to join the "TelePresence" environment to the "Lync" environment - I'd suggest you look at the Cisco VCS and Microsoft Lync Deployment Guides

2) using the endpoints as native Lync clients

You can do this with the Polycom (although you may need to purchase an "RTV Option Key" for each of them).  The MXPs will not be able to be used as a native Lync client.  See the UC Deployment Guide for the HDX on the Polycom Web site.

3) looking at replacing them all with Lync?

That's the technically easy option - just throw away what you have and start again with Lync clients - although it's not a good use of all your existing equipment and the expenditure you've

Please remember to rate responses and to mark your question as answered if appropriate.

Please remember to rate responses and to mark your question as answered if appropriate.
VIP Purple

In regards to outdated

In regards to outdated software for the MXP and MCU hardware, there is an active security advisory, cisco-sa-20140605-openssl, that affects both of those products.  Once the software is released that addresses those issues, you could update those particular items without a contract to what should be there most recent release.

On another note, MCUs don't require a release key, so you could upgrade them even without a service contract, you'd just have to download the MCU software and install it.

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