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placed on hold when calling unit


I have an ex90 setup exactly like every other unit inside of TMS.  When dialing out of the ex to any other endpoint it automatically places the ex on hold.  It is a sip based call.  I have compared the settings to some other units and they are exactly the same.  Has anyone seen this issue before, because I am at a lose.


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Hi Tim, In case you are

Hi Tim,


In case you are already on a call, then current call will be put on hold when trying to place second call.

after connecting to second call, you device will have option to either swap calls or to merge calls.

this is correct behaviour

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Hey Amehla,Thanks for

Hey Amehla,

Thanks for responding.  The call is made while the unit is completely off of a call.  Both units are I should say, so I don't think there is a multiple call issue.



Hi Tim,ok , at first i was

Hi Tim,

ok , at first i was not able to understood this issue properly.

so when a call is made from EX90 to any other device, instead of connecting, it automatically placed on hold.

could you give more information about the call flow here ? like gatekeeper involved and far end unit ?

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Correct.I have an ex90 and a


I have an ex90 and a c40 lets say.  Both registered to TMS all the settings are the same.  SIP is the default call type.  When the ex90 calls the c40 (routing is through VCS) it is automatically put on hold.  Now when the c40 calls the ex90 it goes right through with no issues.  Both have auto-answer turned on.  Hope this helps.


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Hi Timcappel,Can you try to

Hi Timcappel,

Can you try to use H.323 as default protocol in the EX90 to initiate a VC call to the C40?

Let's know the result.

Good luck! 

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After testing about every

After testing about every thing I could think of, I finally upgraded from 6.2 to 6.3 and it seemed to resolve the issue.  It isn't my first choose for fixing something but at least it is working now.  Thanks for the help.


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