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Precision 720p camera needs HDMI connection to C40?

Just trying to swap out an MXP for a C40 - all good except cabling to the camera is a problem, it is very difficult to run an HDMI cable to the camera.

So the question is - can the 720p camera be used with a C40 without an HDMI connection (as it works with the MXP) - or do the newer endpoints always require an HDMI connection to the camera?



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The newer endpoints do

The newer endpoints do require an HDMI cable for video from the camera.  What is preventing you from using an HDMI cable?

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The existing cabling was

The existing cabling was installed during construction (including the extender cable for the 720p camera).

So installing a new HDMI cable isn't going to be fun :)



what is the type and length

what is the type and length of the existing cable you have now between the codec and camera? It may be possible to use this with some type of extender.

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It's the proprietary Tandberg

It's the proprietary Tandberg extender cable (with little black boxes in the middle).  Thought about going the Extron route, but no idea on the spec of the original cable, and also would need to cut out and re-terminate the black boxes.

There is no scope to pull new cables without making holes unfortunately. There is also a fire rated wall to get through. 

It's no problem, just not originally scoped for. We'll go make some holes.

If it make things easier, you

If it make things easier, you could try using HDMI over Cat 5/6. You will obviously need a pair of HDMI/Cat5 converters, but running a single Cat 5/6 cable make life a lot simpler. These extenders are pretty good nowadays (we use Extron) and you should only need to run a single network cable.

If you have fibreglass cable pulls, hopefully this should do the trick.




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