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Presentation cables

What is the difference between part numbers CAB-VGA-DVI-AUD25=, and CAB-VGA-DVI-AUD=?

To me it looks like they are both VGA-M w/3.5mm stereo male to DVI-M w/RCAx2 male cables.  The "-25=" version is 25 feet long, the other is 6m (a bit under 20 feet).  that extra 5 feet seems to cost $200 for some reason I cannot fathom.

And while I'm asking, CAB-VGA-DVI-AUDM= seems to be the same cable again, but this time only 2.5m in length, is that correct?


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Presentation cables

Actually, I got the pricing mixed up; the shorter cable (6m) is $200 more expensive, not the longer one.

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Presentation cables

The cables in themselves are nothing special, they are the kind of cable you can get from any AV dealer or from your favorite component supplier. There is no justification for the price. The 25 means it is 25 fett (7,6m) long. That is all.

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If you (or anyone else) can

If you (or anyone else) can find an identical cable please provide me with a link. I'm in the market.

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If you don't specifically

If you don't specifically need it all in one bonded cable, just use a DVI->VGA cable for the video and a seperate RCA->3.5mm jack audio cable.  Then, if you need to, you can put them in some snakeskin cable wrap or just cable tie them together to give you a "single" cable.  That's the way we do it - it's much easier to source those cables and ends up significantly cheaper.  The added benefit is that you can usually get them in a range of lengths, so if you need shorter or longer than the Cisco ones, you can usually find something closer to what you need.

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Please remember to rate responses and to mark your question as answered if appropriate.
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Right on, thanks Wayne!

Right on, thanks Wayne!

Presentation cables

I'd like to hear from someone at Cisco on this, please.


Presentation cables

Hi Anthony,

CAB-VGA-DVI-AUD25=, and CAB-VGA-DVI-AUD= are the same cables with the  different size

one end Streo 3.5 mm jack and the second is RCA two pin

however the second cable is a 2.5 M cable with both ends as stereo pins, specially was desingned for the 1700 MXPs and can be utilized with all the devices with stereo inputs.

3,5mmSter.jack- ster.jack/DVI-VGAcab,2.5m

i am not sure on the pricing part.

hope this helps


Ravi Kr.

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I'm fairly certain that you

I'm fairly certain that you can get those exact same type cables from either Extron or Kramer. They should be a whole lot cheaper as well. Basically you have a DVI-I on one end with  LR RCA audio conectors and a VGA on the other end with a 3.5mm jack, the same thing with a different form factor.


Worst case scenario there are undoubtedly a zillion adapters which will help you get the same results. I don't know where you are based but if you are in the western US (large metropolitan areas) FRYs electronics might have just the cable, otherwise it surely is available from BandH in New York via the internet website.


Best of luck

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