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Presentation source preset C60


We have a two camera and one presentation PC setup at our hospital, sometimes we have presentors that need to use their own laptops as video inputs. I would like to use both DVI inputs as presentation sources but can not find an obvious solution to this.

I can change the default presentation source and the source 2 input from camera to DVI-I 2 in advanced config but having to enter administrator settings and restart the system is not very user friendly for most staff here!

I need a quick way to change the default presentation source, both PC inputs do not need to be live at the same time. I understand that I may only have three video inputs live at one time but if it were possible I would like to add DVI-I 2 as the 4th source and use a softbutton to display this source?

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Presentation source preset C60


You can change the "default presentation source" without going to advanced configuration. But you cannot change the type of input to be used in source 2 (DVI or HDMI) without going to advanced configuration. That is impossible!

Also, you cannot have four sources in codec, only three sources:

Source 1 - HDMI

Source 2 - DVI or HDMI (you select what you want to use in advanced configuration, you may have both pluged, but not both working simultaneously)

Source 3 - DVI

Source 1 is always Main Camera. Source 2 and 3 may be another camera, PC, DVD or everything else.

I suggest you to do this:

1 - Do you have two cameras, right? If yes, don't plug the secondary camera directly in codec, plug it in the main camera by using a daisy chain cable. By doing that, you will have source 2 and 3 available.

2 - Configure source 2 input to be a DVI interface, then you plug a DVI to VGA cable in the codec and use that cable to share presentation of users which use laptops.

3 - Plug the DVI to VGA cable (which you're using now) to source 3 and connect it to PC

By doing that, the user during the conference will be able to change the presentation source (source 2 or 3) without going to advanced menu configuration.


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