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Problem with a CTS-3000 MP call

Yesterday we had a strange problem with a CTS-3000 unit dialling into a scheduled multipoint call.

Prior to the call, the unit wasn't registering any errors, but as soon a the call was started, we recieved alerts via our NMS system for

"Main Camera: Link Error" and the unit self-rebooted without connecting into the MP call.

Once the unit came back up, it registered the following errors:

"Main Camera: Device error"


"Audio Expansion Unit: System Error".

We performed a manual reboot of the CTS-3000 and everything came back up OK.

As we needed to get it working again quickly due to the meeting being for a very high profile client, we performed a hard reboot and it resolved the issue, but of course we were unable to capture the logs from the CTS-3000 unit due to the unit being rebooted.

We checked the system errors on the CTMS afterwards, and it showed a "Media timeout error" for the DN of the affected CTS-3000 unit.

We are running:

CTS 1.6.4

CTMS 1.6.3

CUCM 7.1.3

CTM 1.6.4

Any advice on why this occured/how ro prevent it happening again would be much appreciated.


Re: Problem with a CTS-3000 MP call

Hi Nick,

Hope you are fine, per your description seems to be a camera error/

1 - Re-seat the HDMI cable connecting the camera to the codec. Monitor
to see if issue re-surfaces.

2 - Replace the HDMI-HDMI cable and monitor.

3 - If issue persists, engage TAC to run a diagnostics (tbdiag) on the codec to
determine if the DSPs are failing or determine if camera or codec is the problem.

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