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Problem with calls in TMS and TS8710 - Connection Attempts for Scheduled Calls


I have a doubt about the TS8710 (3.1), TMS 14.3 and SX20 (6.3).

When I schedule a conference in TMS using the TS8710, and I configure the option "Connection Attempts for Scheduled Calls" with "3", and the "Connection Timeout for Scheduled Calls (in seconds)" is "60", when the conference starts, and connects the endpoint (SX20), after a minute the TMS tries to connect to the same endpoint again, and after this second attempt, the TMS tries for third time to connect to the endpoint which had already been connected.

The problem with this is that at the first connection, the endpoint connects as always to Video call, at the second attempt connects the audio call, and on the third attempt the connection doesn’t progress because the SX20 can’t accept any more types of calls. Finally, i have two different connections with the same codec, 1 video and 1 audio.

With the MSE 8510 I don’t have this problem, it’s only with the TS8710 blades, and in the MSE 8510 this option always works fine "the option connection attempts in TMS", and only works if the endpoint or call is not connected, and never tries to reconnect an endpoint or call again, if this has already been connected.

I found that, the problem can be solved by changing the connection attempts in TMS to "1", but with this solution I lost the option to try to reconnect if the call doesn’t progress.

Does anybody know what is happening, and if I can solve this with a different solution??

Thanks guys

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Re: Problem with calls in TMS and TS8710 - Connection Attempts f

I had this exact same issue over a year ago - solution here:


FYI the CPL that's outlined in that thread is still in place in my environment and has been working ever since.

The example given shows a 25 second timeout, but I set it to 60 seconds on TMS and 50 seconds on the CPL, which has the results of calling for 50 seconds, call times out, then at the 60 second mark the TP server makes its seconds connection attempt.

Hope this helps

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