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Problem with multiway on C90

Hi all,

We have some problems with our C90 using Multiway.

We have some C20 and two C90, 2 VCS Control and one MCU 8510.

When I make a call between the C90 and one C20 all works fine, but when I try to add a new participant from the C90, the device freeze the image and close the connection.

We did a lot of test with different C20 using multiway and works fine.

Our C90s are running TC4.2.0.260857.

Somebody know what could be the problem??

Thank you

Juan Granata

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Cisco Employee

Problem with multiway on C90


I think we need more details here.

To start with :

1. sw version on C90, VCS and 8510

2. can you dial from the C90 the multiway template directly and get connected to the MCU ? ( for example if you have set as template on your VCS : can you place calls from C90 directly to and get connected without any problem to the MCU ? )

3. probably the best way to find out what's goin wrong here is to get a nelot 2 from VCS while reproducing the problem. Kindly asked to let me know if you are not fammiliar with the logging procedure on VCS and I'll send you more details



Cisco Employee

Problem with multiway on C90

In order to get the logs from VCS you need to :

1. open a telnet / ssh session with the VCS

2. type the following :



   netlog 2

3. reproduce the problem

4. type on telnet / ssh connection

   netlog 2

Provide us the logs and also if possible the endpoints details that were used to reproduce the issue

Cisco Employee

Problem with multiway on C90

Sorry, I was to fast

at step 4 to turn off the logs you need to type "netlog off"


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