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Problem with presence status with a global VCS and two VCS neighbors


Deployment is one VCS Control with two VCS Express as neighbors. The two Expressways has a traversal to two internal VCS Control.

PUA is enabled on VCS Global and both Expressway. Only VCS Control has Presence Server enabled.

Scenario 1:

External endpoint request presence status for an endpoint from the global VCS.

Status recieved from the endpoints registered to the first VCS Expressway and traversal VCS Control, but not the endpoints registered for the neighbor VCS Control.

Scenario 2:

No presence FROM a endpoint registered to one VCS Control IN a MOVI client registered to the other VCS Control.

Both VCS Control are neighbors.

So now the "problem" is to get presence status from the neighbor VCS Controls. Both are Presence Servers

Is there an CPL that could send presence requests from the Global VCS to both VCS Expressways?

Any ideas?

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Problem with presence status with a global VCS and two VCS neigh

Hi Ronny,

are you using URI-based aliases for all endpoints, e.g alias@domain? The PUA will only publish presence for URI-based aliases.

Also, the presence server will only accept presence messages which have been authenticated, so you also want to make sure that the presence messages published by the PUA on the respective VCS's are authenticated when they reach the VCS which hosts the presence server.

Hope this helps,


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