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Problems with calls after VCS 8.22 upgrade

I've recently upgraded one of my VCS devices to 8.2.2, but I'm having some problems.

Setup is as follows:

VCS-C-1: X8.2.2
VCS-E: 7.2
VCS-C-2: 7.2

EX90s: 7.2

EX90 > VCS-C-1 (8.2.2) > Neighbour Zone > VCS-E (7.2) > Traversal Zone > VCS-C-2 (7.2) 

Call is SIP the whole way.

Calls fail in either direction (connects but not audio or video).  Was working fine before upgrading VCS-C-1 from 7.2 to 8.2.2.

If I change the neighbour zone from VCS-C-1 to the VCS-E to use a "Custom" profile with "Duo Video Filter" set to "On", it works fine, although that way I can't use presentation properly.  Likewise if I introduce interworking into any part of the call path (force one leg to H323) it works, but again, interworking has its own set of other issues.  Lastly, if I register either endpoint to the VCS-E, everything works, it just won't work when going through all three call hops.

The VCS-E is controlled by me so can be upgraded if required, however VCS-C-2 is in another organisation so upgrading that one is likely to be much more difficult.

I know there were changes to how Duo Video works in X8 - I notice it's moved from a global SIP command to per-zone, I imagine this has something to do with it.


Any ideas?


Accepted Solutions
New Member

please try to set "Sip media

please try to set "Sip media encryption"  on traversal zone setting page to "best effort" and have a try


VCS x8.x has a bunch of new

VCS x8.x has a bunch of new ports for media, did you make sure those were opened on your firewall after the upgrade?

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There's no firewall between

There's no firewall between VCS-C-1 and VCS-E.  There's one between VCS-E and VCS-C-2, but they are both still on 7.2 (although we did check for anything getting denied, just in case).

Either way, 8.2 maintains your port range if upgrading from 7.X.

New Member

please try to set "Sip media

please try to set "Sip media encryption"  on traversal zone setting page to "best effort" and have a try

That fixed it - thanks very

That fixed it - thanks very much!

For the record, I'd tried TLS and TCP, as well as "Auto" and "Force unencrypted" but hadn't tried "Best Effort".


Update on this:Upgraded the

Update on this:

Upgraded the VCS-E, no change (again, I can't upgrade VCS-C number 2).

I've tested with E20s and SIP from a TS server - both work fine, it's only TC endpoints that seem to have the problem.

I've experimented with different call paths (we've got quite a few VCSs, a mix of X7 and X8) - in each case, it seems it matters what version the unit is registered to.  As long as the EX90 is registered to a X7 VCS, it works fine, you can have as many X8s with neighbour and/or traversal zones as you want.  As soon as it registers to an X8 VCS, the problem occurs.

Lastly, I see that the non-working call is establishing as AES-128, whereas before the upgrade encryption was turned off.

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