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New Member

Problems writting CPL's


I am trying to write a CPL to block those pesky @asterisk calls and also create a hunt group but I am not having any luck.

Here's the example, any idea where I am going wrong?

The call blocking is fine, but think my formatting of the hunt group is wrong?

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>

<cpl xmlns="urn:ietf:params:xml:ns:cpl"  xmlns:taa=""  xmlns:xsi=""  xsi:schemaLocation="urn:ietf:params:xml:ns:cpl cpl.xsd">


    <!-- This CPL is intended to block scans / call attempts from asterisk@.* and 100@ and unknown@.* -->

    <!-- changes / addons might be needed in your setup -->


     <!-- the next two lines block unauthenticated calls from asterisk and 100@ -->

   <taa:rule unauthenticated-origin="asterisk@.*" destination=".*"><reject status="403"/></taa:rule>

   <taa:rule unauthenticated-origin="100@" destination=".*"><reject status="403"/></taa:rule>

   <taa:rule unauthenticated-origin="unknown@.*" destination=".*"><reject status="403"/></taa:rule>

     <!-- the next two lines block authenticated calls from asterisk and 100@ -->

   <taa:rule origin="asterisk@.*" destination=".*"><reject status="403" /></taa:rule>

   <taa:rule origin="100@" destination=".*"><reject status="403" /></taa:rule>

   <taa:rule origin="unknown@.*" destination=".*"><reject status="403"/></taa:rule>



<address-switch field="destination">

<address is="thehuntgroupname">

<!-- call site 1 and site2 for 100 seconds

<location clear="yes" url="">

<location clear="yes" url="">

<proxy timeout="100">







Cisco Employee

Problems writting CPL's

Dear Rohan,

For more details about CPL and a very useful list of CPL examples you can consult the VCS admin, guide, the CPL refference setcion of the guide ( pages 335- 346) available at :

You can also use as refference a good example of "ISDN overflow using CPL script" document available at :

Kind regards


New Member

Problems writting CPL's

Thanks for the reply Cristian.

I used those documents as the basis for the hunt group lines I wrote for that CPL. There's a section that states this:">">

Will create a forked call (similtaneous ring) which is what i need.

I think the main thing is I am not familier with XML or CPL scripting so think I may have some of the syntaxes wrong?

Cisco Employee

Problems writting CPL's

Can you try in the CPL,

instead of  :

from the syntax if I'm not wrong


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