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Provisioning Templete EX90 registered vcs-e


  I have the following questions if anyone can help:

I have an EX90 on the internal network registered vcs-c through provisioning correctly, have another registered EX90-e vcs manually, however when I try to do it via provisioning takes the data but the server it takes to registering via sip and h323 is the vcs-control and so does not register when I check the template in the tms have the following:

-H323 Profile Gatekeeper Address 192.168.xx (vcs-control)
-Public SIP Server Address (vcs-expressway)
-SIP Server Address 192.168.x.x (vcs-control)

  The "jabber video" via internet is registered correctly and have the correct phonebook and everything, but when I check in EX90 touch system, indicates that the IP of the vcs takes control and therefore not registered.

As a test, I changed the template of the tms follows:

-H323 Profile Gatekeeper Address (vcs-expressway)
-Public SIP Server Address (vcs-expressway)
-SIP Server Address 200.x.x.x (vcs-expressway)

  And so registered perfectly ...

My question is how do to have a template that works for both registered in the internal network, as I want to registered in-vcs expressway via internet ??

I also happen to me once and the endpoint registered via vcs-expressway do not know how to add "add system" in TMS, since tms is on my internal network and the endpoint on internet, but the phonebook working properly from the endpoints registered on expressway ... and I would add in the system how should I do?



Thanks for the help!

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The reason is because the

The reason is because the EX90 will always request the internal configuration settings within the template unless it is told otherwise to use the public settings, this can be done by one of the following:

  1. For the domain you are using with your EX90, you must have a DNS NAPTR entry that uses an "se" flag.  If this DNS record exists, the EX90 will request the public template settings from the VCS.  Note the "se" flag is only supported with Linux DNS, Windows DNS doesn't support a two character NAPTR flag.
  2. Configure the EX90 to use the public template settings by doing the following on the codec, this is the same as option 1 above, but instead of DNS doing it for you, you're doing it yourself.
    xConfiguration Provisioning Connectivity: External

The administrator guide, pg 70 explains the provisioning connectivity setting, as well as the NAPTR record.  Note, the admin guide speaks of an "e" flag for the NAPTR record, however this is incorrect and I've already brought this up to TAC earlier this year to fix the typo, as it really looks for an "se" flag.

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