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Quality of CTS-PHD1080P4XS1 cam

Hi all,

one of our customer reports a defective gearing mechanism of a Precision HD 1080p cam (belonging to a C20 codec) just for the second time into this year.

My first idea at the first time was it, that one of the users swivels the cam manually with their hand - not with RC - and damaged it therewith.

Customer insures that this doesn't happened, but to be shure, he labels the cam with "Don't touch the cam".

The attached video shows that the left/right gearbox seems to be damaged - not the up/down one.

Did you have any experience to this repeating issue?

Is it possible, that some direct solar radiation can damage the gearbox?

Can any setting in codec force the defective of the cam, which should be turned of (C20 runs latest TC and is registered toi a CCM on 8.6)?

Thanks a lot in advance,


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Quality of CTS-PHD1080P4XS1 cam

Hi all,

I want to share my experience in this case.

The issue here doesn't caused by the user or the camera themselfe.

Maybe it's one of few installations where the delivered mounting bracket of the camera is in use.

Cisco TAC pleased us to test function of the cam with dismounted bracket, which was possible instantly.

At next we mounted a washer between screw and camera - cam function was also ok.

My contact told me, that the main thing is the strength by affixing the screw.

In his point of view the mounting bracket in conjunction with the camera is a bad design.

A shorter screw would be a better fix, than a washer between bracket and camera.

So maybe it's a good hint for anyone who get in contact with a obvious mechanism (gearbox) defective of a Precision HD cam.



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