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Question about VCS VM Serial and migration from HW

We are in the process of migrating some of our VCS (C and E) appliances to VMware (specs based).

I know that when you install the VCS VM, a serial number is generated (for option and release keys).

My question is - can anything cause this serial number to change after installation (such as moving the host, changing VLAN ID or IP address)?

We are planning to install the VM's on a "Deadnet" with the real IP addresses, restore the database from the physical hosts, then move the VMs onto the "Real" VM infrastructure for the cutover.  Will the serial change during any of these processes, affecting option keys etc?

If so, any reccomendations to avoid this while still being able to quickly cut between the hardware appliances and the VMs?

VIP Purple

My question is - can anything

Yes, the serial number can change, however I don't know the specific items that might cause that change.

VMotion is supported, if you use this method to move the VMs, the serial numbers will not change.

Thanks Patrick.Can anyone

Thanks Patrick.

Can anyone confirm weather or not a change of VLAN on the VM would trigger a serial change?

VIP Purple

Don't think a change of vLan

Don't think a change of vLan would affect the serial number.  However, changing anything about the NIC cards themselves would.  That happened to use at first, luckily enough it was before the release and option keys were generated for what was the original serial number.  Moving the VM to another host and not using VMotion would affect the serial number as well.

Thanks - I guess I can always

Thanks - I guess I can always change the VLAN to a "dummy" VLAN before generating option keys to see if my serial number changes.

Just to update this - the

Just to update this - the Vlan change did not change the SN, I've migrated to VM succesfully :)

New Member

I've investigated this issue

my congratulations:)
I've investigated this issue and found out that changing MAC address of active network adapter is causing changing S/N of VCS.

I've tested it with one active nic, without Dual Network interface option applied, so I assume if there were 2 nics that changing any cause S/N change.

New Member

hi all,I tested changing IP

hi all,

I tested changing IP address of VM VCS, S/N didn't change, howerer my test VM was not activated with any release or option key.

I prefer not to test with my production VM's:)

BTW, export to OVF and import from OVF back to the host did change S/N of VM and canceled release and option keys (dont worry, it was trial keys).


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