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Question on TMS MCU scheduling precedence


I'm just wondering if anyone can give me some info on the logic TMS uses to choose and MCU when scheduling a conference.

We have 3 x Telepresence server clusters with 48, 36 and 12 ports respectively (no conductor).  The 12 port TP server is at our backup site whereas the other two are at our primary site.

If I allow bookings on the 12-port TP server, all conferences default to that one.  If not, they default to the 36 port cluster.  In either scenario, I can still manually move conferences to the other MCU's just fine.

From this, I gather than TMS seems to pick the TP Server with the least possible resources that can still fit the conference - is this correct?

I'd like my conferences to default to the TP server/s at our primary site.  I'm sure I can achieve this using IP zones etc, but I just wanted to check that what I have described above is the intended default behaviour before I make any changes.

VIP Purple

Re: Question on TMS MCU scheduling precedence

Hello Nick -

One solution might be to use IP Zones in TMS.  Set all of your endpoints and the primary TP Server to the same IP Zone, and create seperate zones to reflect the location for the others.  When schduling, TMS should schedule the resources according to the zones their located in, so it should try to schedule everything within the zone the endpoints and MCU resources are located at.

Check the TMS admin guide for more information on zones how they work (page 47).

Re: Question on TMS MCU scheduling precedence

Thanks Patrick.

While seperating out my zones could solve my issue, I'd still like to know what the scheduling precedence is between multiple MCU's in the same zone (as much for curiosity as anything else).

VIP Purple

Re: Question on TMS MCU scheduling precedence

I just did a quick test in our environment and see a similar thing to you - it automagically picked the MCU that is the furthest aware from the endpoints selected rather than using the local one.  The one it picked is on a newer version of the MCU software than the local one, so perhaps it's picking the most up to date one?  Are there differences between software versions on yours?

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Re: Question on TMS MCU scheduling precedence

They are all on TP server version 3.0 at the moment.

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