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Random and infrequent Jabber / Movi issue

I'm hoping someone here might have some insight for me.

We are using Movi / Jabber and infrequently and very randomly the transform we have in place for the Codian bridge will fail.

Initially I will get a call from one of our users, stating that they are not getting any audio or video from the bridge, when they use the transfrom we have in place for the bridge. However,if they dial in with the IP address of the bridge instead of the transform, the call is successful.

While this is going on, I look at the event logs on the VCS-C and see that the call appears to be successful. When I look at the bridge, the call never actually hits it.

I have also tried logging in from a different PC, with the same account being affected and everything is fine. The transforms and IP dialing are fine. The issue usually clears itself up after 15 to 30 minutes.

The only issue I have found in common at the time that this happens is that OpenDS has failed on the TMS and VCS. I realize that OpenDS and TMS agent shouldn't cause this problem and that if it is, other symptoms should be present as well, but every time it occurs there is a failure with the OpenDS.

This problem doesn't happen often at all, and its very random in regards to which user is being affected. I opened a TAC case with Cisco, and unfortunately, the problem is never occurring when I am on the phone with Cisco. We have investigated the OpenDS issue, and received the same info, that OpenDS should not affect the transform.The software versions of my systems are:

VCS-C 7.2.2

TMS: 13.2.1

MOVI: 4.8.5, and 4.6.3

VIP Purple

Can you show us a copy of the

Can you show us a copy of the search history and tell us how your MCU is configured in regards to the conference the users are trying to connect to that you have the transform for?

New Member

H.323 gatekeeper usage H.323

H.323 gatekeeper usage 
H.323 gatekeeper address
Gatekeeper registration type 
Ethernet port association Port A IPv4  Port A IPv6  Port B IPv4  Port B IPv6 
(Mandatory) H.323 ID to register
Use password   Password:
Prefix for MCU registrations
MCU service prefix (optional)
Allow numeric ID registration for conferences
Send resource availability indications    Thresholds: conferences   video ports

Above should be the configuration your looking as it's not a specific conference they are trying to attend, when dialing the transform 81. It's the auto attendant. From there they have the choice to either create a conference or join a specific conference. 98% of the time this is successful

This is how the transofrms are configured on the VCS-C.

 EnabledMovi Calling to Bridge81@host.domain.comExactReplace814614View/Edit
4EnabledIP address convert to auto attendant81ExactReplace814614View/Edit
5EnabledConvert SIP calling@172.16.XX.XXXSuffixStrip View/Edit
6EnabledSIP Calling@172.16.XX.XXX:5060SuffixStrip View/Edit

When this occurs however, they never get this far. Usually it connects and has no video at all, and the message appears no video, no audio. Or they get a very quick glimpse of the auto attendant screen, then it goes away. Due to confidentiality agreements, I had to remove the IP addresses and actual domains. Another ting to mention, is that this issue did not appear until 2 weeks after the VCS-C was upgraded to 7.2.2 from 6. Prior to that there were no reported issues of this kind.

When you say search history, Do you mean the event log for the time of an occurrence?

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