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regaining access to C60


We recently had an external company install a complete telepresence solution. long story short it went badly, they changed passwords and accounts and didn't provide us with any of the details.

i am able to get to the c60 over ssh. reading the docu's i seem to be stuck.

it does not recognise the command "xcommand". i am trying to run that command as root. i've checked /usr/bin and don't see that command in there either.

anyone able to help me reset the admin password so that we can login via the web gui?

this is not a burning issue as we still have full control of the c60 via the remote control but it would be preferable to have the gui access too.

thank you in advance.

Cisco Employee

regaining access to C60

Hi So you are able to login as root via SSH?

When in the root shell type: # tsh  (without the # of course)

This will bring you into the API

Here you should be able to change the admin password:

xcommand systemunit AdminPassword Set Password:

Hope this helps.


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regaining access to C60

thank you. i didn't know or read about that "tsh" command anywhere.

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Hello,How about if the root


How about if the root is disabled and if you don't remenber the admin password ?

You might need to do a

You might need to do a factory reset using a serial cable and logging in as factoryreset or, depending on your software version, you may be able to use pwrec, see - and be aware all settings will be lost, including keys when you do a factory reset.


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Please rate replies and mark question(s) as "answered" if applicable.
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regaining access to C60

Hello Neil,

an other way to get control back is by using putty and make a SSH connection using the IP adress of the codec and use the API commands in the manual.

login as: admin    

depending of the software version on the codec and the way the codec is setup, you don't need a password

or the use the default password: TANDBERG

When you are connected you can use these commands.


xCommand SystemUnit AdminPassword Set Password:NEWPASWORD

  • Set an administrator password to restrict access the codec. After a restart of the codec this password will also apply to the web interface.


xCommand SystemUnit MenuPassword Set Password:NEWPASSWORD

  • Set a menu password to restrict access to Administrator Settings menu. If you have a remote control the password can also be set from the on screen menu. If you have a Cisco TelePresence Touch controller the menu password is set from the command line interface

IF you cannot connect by IP you can use your PC and a RS232 extention cable using the (free) RS232 port on the codec

Start up Putty and select RS232 connection.

Use speed: 38400.

Connection parameters for the COM port: Data bits: 8; Parity: None; Stop bits: 1; Flow control: None

Connect and ENTER

Now you can issue the commands.



New Member

regaining access to C60

Just a side note to your experience.

I guess that the  external company only changed the ADMIN passwords on your C60s and you managed to log in as ROOT. Logging in as admin gives you the TANDBERG SHell as login shell.   However if you log in as a root user you are presented with a normal unix-style shell.   From root shell you can start TANDBERG shell using tsh or tshell. Very convinient.

This can ofcourse be seen a hassardous backdoor into your systems. So TANDBERG/Cisco has changed this behaviour with the later releases of TC software. If you upgrade to TC4 or TC5, the root account will be disabled. All you have then is the admin user to log in to the codec. This is ofcourse the default for new systems delivered with TC4 or TC5.

From the API logged in as admin, you have the control to enable the root account and set a password to it using the newly introduced command "systemtools rootsettings on " .


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