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removed features from VCS


I noticed that some features we used got removed and some things were not even mentioned in the release notes.

Though I think its a nice way of having the webinterface logging, I lack the capability to do so via the command line.

It should still be possible to start the logging from the command line.

In addition, the background logging is not always ideal for us. netlog 2 gave the capability to do some live logging and

see directly whats going on in clear text, which is espeically handy if tracing sip-ssl links.

So I would really apreciate it if a "netlog" would be available again in future versions, as well as a debuglog start/stop/config tsh-command.

As an exampe for a feature which was quite silently removed from the VCS: ssh/scp (client)

I work with other platforms as well and I must say I like the way to mark a feature as "depreciated" before it gets removed in the next major version.

The removal of ssh/scp (client) is not even well done, as there is still the command scp, which fails as ssh does not exist.

I can follow it up that you might not want ssh on the vcs, but then I would prefer that a packet woud be offered which could

be automatically installed during the update.

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