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Rendezvous Conferencing using Conductor



Is there a generic way in which you can configure Rendezvous conferencing in a Conductor/CUCM deployment?

I had an idea in my head that i could use an alias of "meet.<userid>.domain" for rendezvous calls; <userid>.domain being the users SIP URI in CUCM. Then once this alias came into Conductor, i could maybe do some regex to take the <userid>.domain part and use this as the auto-dialed participant address.

Obviously after going through the latest CUCM/Conductor deployment guide this isn't possible and i'm far off the mark but am i correct in thinking that if i wanted to roll this out for 300+ users, i would have to create individual Conference Aliases, Templates and auto-dialed participants?


Thanks, Simon 

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Do you have TMS/TMSPE? If yes

Do you have TMS/TMSPE? If yes, you could have TMSPE create it for your else you will have to manually create it conference aliases, not sure why you would need different templates.. 

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George,We have TMS but we don


We have TMS but we don't have any Provisioning Extension Licenses, i'm assuming these are required in order to use the Collaboration Meeting Rooms in TMS 14.4 and Conductor XC2.3?

Thanks, Simon 

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I wouldn't think you'd need

I wouldn't think you'd need provisioning extension licenses, as those licenses are simply used in provisioning endpoints.  TMSPE gives you the Smart Scheduler for TMS and now CMR, so I don't think they'd prevent you from using those functions if you choose to not provisioning any endpoints because you don't have licenses.

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Not factoring in TMSPE at all

Not factoring in TMSPE at all, if you have Conductor registered to CUCM, SIP Route Patterns only route based on host portion of the URI. You can't have a SIP Route Pattern of meet.* and expect it to route based on meet.*

That being said, you could create a SIP Route Pattern to match to send to Conductor. In Conductor, have a conference alias that matches (.*) and you could create the conference name like Meet \1

Then anyone else dialing into the conference would just dial for example and they would join your conference. You can also create auto-dialed participants to match the conference name.

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