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Replacing an MXP6000.....SX20 or Jabber/Movi?

I currently have a bunch of MXP6000's on roll arounds with big screens.

Given the MXP line of software is no longer being actively developed (except for security patches) I'd like to upgrade the video conferencing being used with those systems for minimal cost.

We have Jabber/Movi.

What would be the better choice? Sticking a PC/Mac on the roll around and using Jabber with something like a Vaddio USB camera/microphone? Or getting an SX20w/camera on the cheap to replace the MXP?

Having systems with Clearpath (which the MXP's do not) is pretty important dealing with external Jabber customers. I've found that it helps with packet loss significantly.

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Replacing an MXP6000.....SX20 or Jabber/Movi?

The 6000MXP isn't quite dead yet... as per the end of life notice, there is still possible software development until 14 May 2014, and Security Vulunerability fixes until 13 May 2016.

While the PC/Mac/JabberVideo/Movi Client might be a quick and cheap solution, it will not be a complete functional replacement for the 6000 MXPs, and some features that your custermers are using may not be present.

The JabberVideo client is SIP only, so if you are relying on H.323 throughout your network at the moment, or to call other devices elsewhere, you will need to have a VCS or something to convert the SIP to H.323 and vice versa (and the appropriate number of traversal licences).

There's alos the question of weight with the trolleys when you start adding more equipment to them as well, and the usability - how are you going to add the mouse and keyboard for the control of the software?  Questions of management of the OS software / security patches / etc...

The added advantage of using the PC/Mac based solution is that you have a device on your network with a large screen that can be used for presentations or demonstrations of PC based content if you need it.

With the SX20 option, you will get the H.323 as well as SIP, and also the PTZ Camera control on the endpoints too.  Your users will be able to control them with a similar remote control to what they currently use, so minimal user training will be required for those used to using the 6000s.

Both options have their up sides and down sides... both could work, but the final choice will depend on your ultimate needs and customer expectations.



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Please remember to rate responses and to mark your question as answered if appropriate.
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