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Sharing video with MOVI


I have the problem with movi, when i play and share video, the remote user cannot see it.

I'm trying with different video player and with different operating system but a have the same result.


Sharing video with MOVI

Works fine for me; shared stand-alone QuickTime Movie and also YouTube clip - mind you, I could only share video, not audio, however, I got around this by playing the audio through my desktop speakers, which was picked up by the microphone and other site could hear it fine.

(Using Movi 4,2 - this test was carried out between a PC running Win7 Enterprise and a Macbook Pro OS X.)

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Sharing video with MOVI

Some video payers settings / graphic card drivers might also change the behavior here.

Some might use some hardware overlay where you just see a blank area on a screenshot.

Movi is not really designed to "document share" video.

I would use a dedicated endpoint for that.

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