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SIP calls timeout at 15 minutes

If I have TLS set as transport for SIP settings for traversal zones on VCS-C and VCS-E, my SIP calls from internal to external fail at 15 minutes. If I change it to TCP, calls work fine.

Between the VCS-C (LAN) and VCS-E (DMZ) is an ASA5520 and between the VCS-E and Internet is a Juniper SG 320. H323 calls work fine, by the way. I suspect there is something on the firewalls I should be looking at.


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SIP calls timeout at 15 minutes


does the SIP part of the traversal zone also go down on the 15 minute mark, or the call itself only?

What does the eventlogs on VCS-C and VCS-E show once the disconnect occurs?

- Andreas

SIP calls timeout at 15 minutes

Hi Darren,

It is a very common problem most of the Customers Face, I Suspect that the Session Out Timers on your firewall for SIP must have been set to 15 minutes .  Please review it again on your firewall.

Additionally, to cross check this information , I agree with Andreas to pull out the logs and find the root cause.

Most of the time , it turns out to be firewall issue. Please check with the firewall team and increase the session out timer for H323 and SIP.

Your firewall team needs to disable any H323/SIP fixup on the device to make sure the H323/SIP signaling is flowing like it should. Normally Checkpoint firewalls (for example) have these settings enabled as default.

Please make sure you have the following two lines on your Checkpoint(s) configuration (for H323):

no fixup protocol h323 h225 1720

no fixup protocol h323 ras 1718-1719


Saurabh Gupta

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