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Sip Domain question

I have an internal AD domain. It’s different than my external ( email ) domain. Originally, I set my SIP domain to vcs.<internal domain>. It was too long ago to remember why I did that. I didn’t really like how that was going ( again, I can’t remember why I didn’t like it. ) I then changed it to be my internal AD domain. I created my SRV records ( outside ) to be my email domain. I originally liked that because of the separate domains ( I was thinking it would be better security – erroneously ?). I’ve found that my users have NOT listened or read the documentation I’ve but out and are telling external sites the wrong sip domain. Also, I’ve found sites that can’t ( ? ) use SRV records. When they look up our domain, the standard response is our web server ( A record ? ). I’ve also had external sites try to do a call back ( from their history ) only to find they can’t connect because my end point’s SIP domain is our internal AD domain, which is not resolvable. So, my next approach is to change our SIP domain to be the cluster name of our expressways.

I do have Jabber clients – inside and out.

Does anyone have an opinion ( or can enlighten me ) on picking a SIP domain?

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