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Smartnet Contract SX 20 Question

I have to renew the Smartnet contracts on one of my clients endpoints. 

Is the Smartnet contract applied to the SX20 and therefore the camera and Touch 8 are covered under that contract or I need to cover all three

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Speaking from contracts with

Speaking from contracts with C Series, the codec and camera will have there own line in the contract.  Did the touch panel come with the SX20, or did you purchase it separately.  My first assumption would be that they all get there own separate line in the contract, none would automatically be covered by the codec.

Suggest you reach out to your local vendor that specializes in Cisco hardware, they should be able to help you in renewing your contracts.

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Similar to Patrick's

Similar to Patrick's experience above, some things you can take out the contract on the "System ID" rather than the "Serial Number" of the specific device - that'll cover everything that was part of the system when it was purchased (ie, if you purchased a SX20 with a Camera, it'll cover both parts - but not any additional components you may have purchased seperately).

As Patrick has suggested - reach out to one of your local Cisco Partners - they should be able to help you fill your exact requirements and help to make sure Cisco's back end systems have all your devices and components grouped together properly to make it easier to renew next time.

Please remember to rate responses and to mark your question as answered if appropriate.

Please remember to rate responses and to mark your question as answered if appropriate.
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Hi peterandres74, the

Hi peterandres74, the smartnet contract will cover serial numbers that were disclosed on time of purchase any other accesories or components added on would need to be added on unless specified please send me an email at we can check which ones are covered and which are not so you contact your local Cisco partner to purchase the one that are missing. hope to help you soon!

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Hi, Peter Anders,Has this

Hi, Peter Anders,

Has this concern been addressed? If you need more assistance kindly email me at (



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