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Standby mode issue with NEC E553


     I am having problems setting up an SX20 on a NEC E553. When the SX20 (TC6.2.0 version) goes in standby, the NEC monitor goes on standby as well because no signal is received. Problem is when I wake up the VC unit, it doesn't remove the standby from the monitor. Meaning, I have to manually turn on the monitor in order to get an image. The SX20 is connected HDMI to HDMI on input#1. It was tested on different inputs with the same problem. We tried enabling the CEC setting on the codec but it doesn't change anything. Does anybody know if its a compatibility issue between that type of monitor and the SX20?

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Standby mode issue with NEC E553

Hi Stevae,

There is non issue with NEC monitors previously , Model which you ate using is diffrent still you can try DVI to HDMI cable and see it fix the issue .

CSCtu99526  Any  There is a hardware incompatibility between the C-Series systems and some NEC monitors. So far this is seen with: NEC LCD4020 and NEC P401. This incompatibility will cause the monitor to wake up from sleep mode even if the codec is still in sleep. This happens when the monitor is connected using HDMI to HDMI. A workaround is to use

the monitors DVI input.


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Standby mode issue with NEC E553

Have the exact same configuration and the exact same issue.  Had this with TC6.0 and again with TC6.2.  Sleep Mode turned off on monitor (which don't seem to work tho...).

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