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SX20 2nd screen is blank

Good afternoon, I have an SX20 with the dual monitor option key installed and is running TC6.0.1.65adebe.  Before upgrading to this software from TC5.something, during calls, my local room was displayed on the 2nd monitor.  Now during calls, the 2nd monitor is blank unless I start a presentation.  Once the presentation is started, it appears on the right screen.

It is acting like i have something wrong in the local layout portion in the video settings.  I have tried all of the layouts, and nothing changes it.  I don't remember for sure, but I thought EQUAL would put near end on the right monitor.  Regardless of that, there was a way, and there must still be a way.  What is it?            

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SX20 2nd screen is blank

Cisco TAC has just informed me that this is a known bug with my software and that upgrading to TC6.2 will fix my issue. FYI.

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SX20 2nd screen is blank


There are few bugs regarding the layouts on TC6.0.1 version however I am not sure whether you are facing that issue or not.

Here you are not getting self-view on the second screen neither when the device is in call nor without call and this is happening because of the new feature added on TC6 version i.e Self-view Default settings.

If you could make the following changes in your current configuration and check whether you are getting self-view on the second screen or not.

xConfiguration Video SelfviewDefault FullscreenMode: On

xConfiguration Video SelfviewDefault OnMonitorRole: Second

From TC6 version, you can define the default settings for the self-view.

Please try the above changes and check if that helps or not.

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SX20 2nd screen is blank

Hi Darren,

Mukesh is right , With TC 6.2 there is another issue while sharing presentation you will get self view  PIP on 2nd monitor where in TC 5 it is on first monitor .


this will be fix in TC 6.3 .

As of now work arround is to revert back to TC 5.1.x.


Kind regards,


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