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SX20 fan issue

2 brand new SX20's in completely different parts of the world are showing fan errors in the diagnostics page. 

Does anyone know if this is a common problem or do the codecs need to be RMA'd?

Thank you

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SX20 fan issue

Hi Nick

I saw this once on one my my SX20's on a specific software release. I upgraded the units to TC6.2 and fan errors went away.

What software are your SX20’s on?

What the error message?

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Re: SX20 fan issue

Some of the newer endpoints and firmware versions report fan errors shortly after booting, but this goes away after a short period of time - this is normal behaviour.  When are you noticing the errors being reported?

It's also mentiioned in the release notes:

Fan status in system information on web might be misinterpreted. Although it may report “fans not running” or “can’t match [RPM] rpm” it does not mean that the system is faulty or that there is a problem with the fans. If the system is operating within the temperature specification, customer or TAC should take no action. The diagnostic messages and system information statuses will be improved.

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Re:SX20 fan issue

Hi Nick,

As Wayne mentioned just treat it as a cosmetic error this is a webinterface related issue and no degradation on the performance of the device.

Ravi kr.

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