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New Member

SX20 issue audio


I have an issue with videoconference SX20, when we turn off the TV, the audio is lost, but when we turn on the TV the audio doesn't return and we need to reset the videoconference to recovery audio.

Video Conference: SX20

Protocol: H.323

Software: TC6.1.1.7d7af15

TV: Samsung UN60F6400AF


Carlos Sanz

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Re: SX20 issue audio

Hi Carlos,

It is hard to say if your issue is related SX20 or to your Samsung TV itself. Did you try to connect another HDMI device (such as a DVD player) to your TV (using the same port used by SX20) just to see if you got the same behavior?


Paulo Souza

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Paulo Souza Was my response helpful? Please rate useful replies and remember to mark any solved questions as "answered".
New Member

SX20 issue audio

I too am having this same problem.  I have a Samsung TV as well with a new SX-20.  I have had to restart the codec twice so far and this is a new install. 

Detailes of the problem are:

No audio comming from remotly joined partisipants via Jabber video.  This happends when connected comming in the VCS Express and when comming in the controler via local network. I will try to turn off the TV when working and then power cycle it to see if this is the cause of the problem.

New Member

SX20 issue audio

I am also experiencing similar problem with a new Video deployment.

All endpoints are SX20s with Dual Display license.

All standalone devices with no VCS infrastructure.

One site started getting audio issues but after a restart the audio returns. Other sites are starting to experience audio problems now.

I have had similar problems in the past where LG screens need to run at a resolution supporting 50Hz, but this problem is more intermittent.

The Samsung screens are 55" F6800 Series 6 UE55F6800SB.

Any ideas?

New Member

SX20 issue audio

So with some investigation I found that the issue I'm having is related to the HDMI connection between the SX20 and the Samsung UN60F6300AF TV. You don't have to reboot the codec to get sound back you can power cycle the TV or unplug your HDMI cable and plug it back in and sound to the TV returns. I have found that Samsung is saying that it has to do with what version of HDMI the SX20 is using. I need to find out who's responsible for the problem.

New Member

SX20 issue audio

Upgrading to version 6.3 fixed the audio issue with the Samsung Screens.

New Member

SX20 issue audio

Firmware 6.3 on the SX20 does a great deal of good. It also fixed HMDI+CEC issues.

most of the time....

We had different firmwares on Samsung smart tv's. 1102, 1113 and 1114. 1114 seems to work best.I recent upgrade one tv to 1116 (the latest) and tested it 10 times. No problem found. But just a moment ago the audio issue was back for 1 time only.

So it is a lot better but still not 100%.

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