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Syslog Server - Definition of Facility Values within Codian Bridge

I have a syslog server running and am configuring on the codian blade to push information over to the syslog server

Was wondering if someone can tell me what selection is best to capture information (the help function is not that helpful in explaining what each value will bring)

from the codian bridge logs i liked the audit logs but here in when selecting audit logs it does not give me the same results

The results i am trying to capture is when users creates the sessions and what happens to that session from start to finish

Log Selections.jpg


Syslog Server - Definition of Facility Values within Codian Brid

In general it does not really matter, I would use 16-23 or 1 or 3.

The output and content will be always the same, its just tagged with a different facility.

Its more dependent on how you configure your syslog server and how you want to postprocess it.

You can use for example 16 for all your VCS and 17 for your MCUs and then generate specific log files

like /var/log/mcu.log and /var/log/vcs.log.

You can read more in your syslog server docu or on the net:

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